Poorly person!


Possible new wallpaper design?

Hello fusionist.
I’m ill, for the fifth time this year. I cannot believe my luck! My head feels like it is going to roll off into the lap of my cat and be kicked around like a catnip toy! Air hugs required.

Not been up to much since my last post.  Concentrated on exams and stuff for vet school, and walked around my house for
the millionth time discussing decorating with myself ( a fatal flaw of living alone) and have come up with a color scheme for each room. (Perk of living alone – my house, my colours, my rules!) I have also discussed pet issues with myself.

Well not so much “issues” just being cute baby animal broody.  I really want a dog. A cute little puppy that Will be mine and I will love him…yeah ok then. Luckily for me I have a head on my shoulders and know at this moment financially this is impossible.  It isn’t fair to get a dog if I cannot afford to care for him. So I talked reasonably to myself (not literally) but have decided when the time is right in a few years maybe, I will be getting a dog, much to my cats pure hatred.

I considered another cat then thought why? I have three beautiful cats who I worship and love to bits. Why would I want more? I do not want to be a crazy cat lady by name AND nature. So I’ve decided (again with the reasoning part of my brain) if we can afford it and the landlord is okay with it and I’m 100% sure about it all…I want to get guinea pigs again some. Point this year or next. I miss these little wheekers so much and I think they are now a part of  me.  It feels so odd not having any. I miss it. 

I have also started a new vlog on YouTube. God knows why but I have so if anyone wants to check that out, I will post the link in the next post as I can’t do it from my mobile which I’m typing this on now. So a bit of a nerd at the moment really. The vlog is more about the pets I think, and my hobbies (when I discover some) and things like that.

So a bit of homework for my followers if you guys don’t mind. Please can someone suggest some new fun hobbies for me to try and review, something different would be awesome and possibly something you think I might want to carry on with?   What do you guys do for fun?  Please share!

I’m off to grab a wad of tissue and crawl back into bed. So ill! Thanks guys for reading,  take care all
Write soon
Riri xxx

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erm….sorry its late!

Hello Fusionists!

It’s the 3rd February and I’m only just wishing you a happy new year….


Did everyone have a happy holiday? I certainly did, and thus far New Year hasn’t been a bad one! So far I have managed to turn my life style around. (A little by choice and a little by force!) In November, which seemed like a normal day turned into what I now call my own going chain of illness and alignments. It all started with me, (and at this time) my 5 months old Nephew. Being his only auntie, nothing in this world makes me happier than making this little boy smile, so naturally I do my best, but on this particular day, something happened, starting the long months ahead of pain and discomfort. I picked up my nephew and my shoulder burned with pain. I assumed pulled muscle no biggie, but as days passed, my shoulder became more painful, my neck stiff, and my arm almost useless.  Giving in I rang the doctors and was given an emergency appointment that day.

I wasn’t too worked, even been given an appointment, first thing, I still naturally thought of the lamest excuses for my shoulder and arms sudden loss of usage. The weather here had begun naturally getting cold, I put it down to that and the fact I have broken both of my arms previously, Maybe the cold had got to it a little worse this time. I wasn’t expecting what I was told.  The doctor, 8am on a winter morning made me strip off my warm layers. She poked my arm, asked me to do various movements (each with great difficulty and others with instant failure, like touching my head, an impossible task) and asked various questions. The diagnoses? I had managed to some home get an infection in my shoulder bone! This infection was spreading rapidly (as the sickness I’d been feeling was also a symptom!) I was given three prescriptions of various tablets, consisting of, anti inflammatories, antibiotics and a strong stomach settler; I was also given an appointment with a specialist.

Two weeks later I saw the specialist, for another 13 weeks I saw her and endured what I can only describe as shoulder labour. This specialist had the duty to un tense my locked muscles through the art of massage. The first session, I openly admit, I cried and was sick over her lovely sofa due to the pain of having each muscle pulled and kneaded. As the weeks went by, sessions came less painful and things began to get better, I could move my head, the infection had cleared up, and I could hold a cup of coffee longer than 5 minutes. Result. This victory lasted two very short weeks. A week before Christmas, and the same week I was expecting family to come and stay, I became sick one night. Nit a normal sick this was odd. I couldn’t swallow, and my throat was incredibly tight, my head sum and sickness swamped me. When I was sick, it was just masses of blood. Well living alone, and it being 2am I was convinced I was going to die alone. Thankfully it wore off and I was able to get a couple of hours sleep before returning to the doctor. Despite my sickness, he reverted back to my shoulder, again repeating the various exercises I had for weeks before noticed a familiar dull ache in my shoulder. The infection had returned (or never left) and was inflecting itself on my stomach making me sick and feel the way I do. Taking one look at me he wrote me off for the next three months.  So that’s where I am now. I am on sick awaiting tests on my stomach and possibly more shoulder exersice. Crazy right?

Apart from that dram, ne year has treated me well. Due to an icky stomach I have had to dramatically change my diet and have lost 12lbs already. Very proud and glad I can eat without acid burning my throat every single moment of the day. I’ve also had some fun times already. Most recently, my best friend and I visited an aquarium called the deep as we both felt we needed cheering up, what better way to do that to go watch odd fish for a day? My little nephew now 8 months old, has skipped the crawling stage and is already walking with a walker, cannot believe my little jellybean, is no the move as well as getting his two front teeth (for Christmas surprisingly).  I donated blood last week, and have reached 10 pints, although for the first time I did pass out. This is probably due to my medication. Was kind of nice being fussed by people as living alone I give fuss out but I never get it back!

Today I am writing this to you from bed. Yesterday, I was had an accident and fell down my stairs. Nothing serious but I have a painful knee. I woke up  at 5 this morning with a cold too, so have spent the day in bed,  catching up on TV shows, to my cold dies down and my knee works a bit better. Still have another two months of sick leave, so that means no work placements (even though I was offered one!) or working to I get the all clear.

For now I’m enjoying time at home with the cats and my two new goldfish (tactfully named Felix and whiskers) working on a business and vet school, and catching up with reading. Also planning to get my puppy later on this year (don’t tell the cats!)  And tick off a few bucket list items. Right now it’s getting late, I’m going to snuggle down in my bed with toffee, my childhood toy dog, and my tissue box and watch a DVD!

Hope every one of my followers have a very happy new year!

Take care,

MJ xxx

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Christmas clues

Just a quick post guys….

Hey fusionist
Just wanted to wish you all a very merry Christmas and Happy holidays! Hope you all have a wonderful time.
You will read more from me more in the new year! 

Here’s a clue photo of a clue for what the new year will bring….This is my journal Binx…😄

Speak soon xxx


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Christmas clues

Just a quick post guys….

Hey fusionist
Just wanted to wish you all a very merry Christmas and Happy holidays! Hope you all have a wonderful time.
You will read more from me more in the new year! 

Here’s a clue photo of a clue for what the new year will bring….This is my journal Binx…😄

Speak soon xxx


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Decisions, Decisions

The poppies at the tower of London. Remember The Fallen

The poppies at the tower of London. Remember The Fallen

Hello fusionists,

I’ve been so busy since I last blogged. Not only have I been studying Veterinary Medicine, I have discovered a fatal flaw in my plans…lack of qualifications in the biology and Mathematics areas….NOOOOOOOO! So guess what I’m doing…..Yeah, brushing up on my biology A-levels and my evil maths. (hate maths, numbers and everything to do with it, but needs be). Also I went on a four day course about business, how to run and set up, finance and all that jazz, was actually very helpful and eye opening. Now my mother is visiting from Essex and I’ve hardly had a moment to stop and think to this morning. with so much going on I’ve only just noticed Bonfire night slip by and now we’re in that mad phase of Christmas is coming…(42 days).

With this Christmas and new year coming I have some pretty huge choices to make, that will reflect on my life and careers in big ways. I am considering moving back down t Essex, from Lincolnshire (where I’ve lived for almost 11 years). Do I give up the little house I worked so hard to get and go live back with my mother and pay for my studies and go to university, or stay here with people I know and carry on doing it the way I am now? There are so many pros and cons on each side It actually hurts my head thinking about it. Its not easy. I have to think about the animals too, moving them could be stressful for them, AND ME! I just don’t know what to do.

At least Christmas will be good this year, I’ve already got some things, presents, I got a gingerbread house making kit, also some cake and cookie things so I can bake loads of goodies as well as Christmas dinner. My mum has upgraded my little 5 foot tree to a 7 foot tree (which I know my cats are going to LOVE  -_-‘ ) and have some new decorations. am a little excited, but Christmas is an expensive time of year, and I struggle to make ends meet now, but to be honest all I want to do is help the less fortunate, You know, visit the people that have no one on Christmas day, work in a soup kitchen, spread cheer to those who don’t feel any. Also help feed cold and starving animals (as well as people) but there is such a limitation on things I can do alone. as I’ve got ‘Older’ I am so much more aware of the less fortunate. I am NOT a materialistic person, what I haven’t got, I haven’t go, that’s all there is to it, I don’t throw a paddy or get mummy and daddy to buy it. I just work hard and treat myself when I feel I want to.  Jut the way I’ve turned out to be.

Yesterday was remembrance day. the 11th hour came, and like everyone else I stood for two minutes, thanking the soldiers that have dies to make this country what it is today to see other people blatantly being disrespectful. The other day I helped a old gentlemen who had fallen outside a shop with his walker and was disgusted at how many people walked past him without so much as a glance! A little kindness goes a long way, showing someone kindness cost nothing. I have vowed to myself if I see a homeless person I will buy them a hot drink and meal. I will help someone struggling with shopping in the street, help a sad person feel joy. why? because someone has to. I get the joys of feeling great about assisting someone who needed it.

I just ask of my followers to do the same. think of the less fortunate. it doesn’t have to be in another county, poverty and assistance is often required on your doorstep.  Take a moment to reflect on how lucky you are? you might not feel it, but to read this aren’t you on a mobile? a Laptop? a tablet?

That’s my opinion shared for the day, now I must get back to my business plan…..

All the Best,

MJ xxx

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Hocus Pocus


Hello fusionists,

Sorry I haven’t written for a while yet again, just been a bit busy, but tonight I have time, so sat on my living room floor with my laptop a dog and two cats writing this to you! happy 1st November! Not long to Christmas now!

So what have I been doing this month? Not a lot really. Of course I have been studying hard, I am now on animal anatomy and a proud owner of a stethoscope, which every pet I own turns feral at the sight of. the only time I get to play doctors is when they’re asleep and 9 out of 10 times they’re asleep in such a way I cannot reach their chest of listen to their hearts. they refuse to acknowledge the fact their mother is a vet student.

Also this month, I am no longer a farm addict (Hay Day Game) but have turned grannified and turned to jigsaw puzzles and television. I have never watched so much TV in my life! The new Big bang theory, Tricked, Glue, Wolfblood (which is now finished so can tick off my list!) The new Once Upon A time, Melissa and Joey, Heartland, The Supervet (I try and convince myself this is for student purposes…NOPE!) lizard Lick Towing….OMG its terrible! I’m sure there’s more but I’ll be sat here listing shows all night and what sort of blog post will that be? I really need a life!

Last week I was kept busy with the disappearance of my cat Elmo, my bestie cat friend took leave of my and disappeared worryingly from my life for 4 days, in this entire time I just worried! No, before all the cynical voices scream at me ‘his just a cat’ YOU ARE WRONG! this cat is the reason I am sat here typing this to you now. Elmo saved my life and to lose the one that’s seen you through the most difficult time of your life so far is gut wrenching. For 4 days I scoured my town, I walked in all around 10-15 miles a day, I visited and found places I didn’t know existed and found my cat certainly got around! Not only a regular at the local pub (!) but a famous face to nearly my either road. Thankfully he came back on his own Thursday morning and It felt like the best thing ever. My buddy is now home, and barred from the outside world. I have gone all clingy cat momma on him and his not best pleased. He’ll get over it as will I.

Yesterday was Halloween, on my part and uneventful one. No trick or treaters, no ghosts visiting, nothing spooky, just me, tucked up in bed for 7pm watching Disney’s Hocus Pocus and then ‘The house of Magic’ Basically a kid movies fest with toasted marshmallows by candle light.

This month I really want to concentrate on different things that seem to bug me more than others. I want to better myself and devote more time and resources into doing what I love and being with what I love. Animals. I want to do charity fund raisers, volunteer, just be around as many animals as possible. I want to help people with there animals and just feel like I’m making a difference, even if its to just one unwanted Kitten or Old dog.  I am also starting from Monday 3rd November on a course to learn how to open and run my own business. I’m am excited but am rethinking the idea I had with my friend, more into something I would enjoy doing (to fund uni fees)When my cat went missing I heard of a UK pet ‘detective’ service and was so interested in hiring them. being charity run I thought it would be beneficial for many owners but the price was way too much, ranging from £150-£600, money most people really can’t find. my new idea sort of is interlinked with  the pet ‘detective’ side of things.

Anyways enough of  my ramblings, I will leave with his message. ‘Be kind to black cats this season,. many are abandon and victimised for the myth of them being unlucky associated with witches, all with are said MYTHS’

I will probably write back more tomorrow as I really don’t have any plans.

Best wish,

RiRi and Co. xxx

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Its that day again….SATURDAY!


I have no real idea why I look forward to Saturdays anymore, as I don’t have a job. maybe its in bedded in the mind since the school days and the work days, Saturday brings freedom and lie ins…well not for me anyways. you don’t argue with three cats if they want you to get up early, they are armed with the tools to be very annoying.

This week has been pretty cool. have seen a few of my friends which alone is odd as I don’t usually see anyone for weeks on end. I saw my friend who lives down the road Louise, My two forever best friends Becky and Charmaine (and her two beautiful kids,  Oscar and Verity) and also a very surprise visit from my brother who  has avoided my company for almost 3 weeks. I saw my friend June, who used to work at my old job and retired. she’s like another nana to me, isn’t it great to have people in your life like that? and also some one I used to work with. Crazy week to be honest. (might not sound it to some but I have a select few friends and I never really see them all together or in the same week!)

So, apart from all that, I’ve been studying, the usual veterinary stuff and trying new things, well attempting. This week I decided its high time I tried something new and included it in my unemployment schedule , its to stop me sitting around doing nothing when I’m not studying, something I could enjoy and doesn’t cost anything. I chose Yoga.

Yoga. relaxes you, and tones you up and is supposed to be really good way to calm and clear the mind. My first attempt, I pulled my hamstring rolled over and nearly cried. (that was doing the warm up) have I given up? well no, I’m just saving it for a rainy day. (which in the UK is a lot of rainy days). Back on it Monday and hopefully I wont hurt anything else and spend the day hobbling around like a pirate.

Next I thought I would use my tablet a bit more and upload some new games…big mistake as now have a rather bad addiction to the game Hay Day. its a farm. what’s exciting about a virtual farm? nothing…why do I like it so much? not a clue, but the child in my head had clung onto it and isn’t going to give it up any time soon, so for now spend 5 or six moments a day harvesting virtual crops and feeding cartoon animals.

Speaking of animals I would also like to share an idea I discovered and am contributing to this Christmas. everyone I am sure has heard of the shoe box appeal where schools and adults make up shoe boxes filled with gifts to send to a unfortunate child at charismas. but its not always child that need help this time of year. Animal shelters particularly struggle this time of year. heating and feeding coats rocket and there is always the abandonment of pets as unwanted Christmas gifts.  On my research online yesterday brought me to a Facebook page called ‘Potty For Piggy’s who have taken on the massive challenge of setting up a secret Santa service to give a helpless piggy a Christmas box filled with goodies. I loved the idea and have enrolled to donate to two piggy’s this charismas. it got me thinking though. what about all the other dogs and cats and small animals? So I am now making up 4 very large hampers to take to my local rescue. these are for, Dogs, Cats, Small Animals and Horses. I am collecting donations from friends and family to put these hampers together. If you have a few extra pennies this year please consider giving to your local shelters, or even better get together at work, or school and each contribute one item to donate to a shelter. they’re always pleased to receive donations and think of the animals you’d be helping. Give it a thought guys.

now I must really get up and get a move on, plenty to do today! have a great weekend guys and I’ll write back soon.

RiRi xx

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