Massive long Blog, Reach the end you can have a cookie

Dear fusionists

It feels like a long time since I just sat and typed without it reviewing something or other and that’s not what I set out to do on this blog, I do enjoy that stuff but now that I’m trying to do it all the time I don’t enjoy it that much, reading back other my blog info this blog was about self discovery, which I still need. I guess at them moment I’m struggling again to work this out. I want to do so much but I’m so limited its frustrating. I think I will keep up Fusion Fiction, Fads and Film but only when I actually read or am into something and not force myself into it. I enjoy blogging. that’s why I stared this and that’s the way I should carry on.

where to start?  well things are pretty good in my life right now, I wouldn’t say they are perfect, but who has a perfect life? its improved to say the least. I recently had my 26th birthday, was uneventful, I had a family BBQ which was nice as it was so hot. I got a new laptop!! Which was badly needed, smart nippy little thing it is too! Spent time with the minions too, I love spending time with the kids though as it always is. Dexter would you believe is two tomorrow. I still remember writing the blog post announcing his existence. Ariana is now 6 months old, she has two tiny front teeth and is absolutely gorgeous, I couldn’t be more proud of them. I love them so much.

I am now a part-time student of counselling, Well I should be if my Uni pull their finger out and accept me onto the course, I’ve been enrolled and a student since April, the course is paid for and everything but online I am not a student I haven’t paid or been accepted onto the course, talk about mixed signals, actually is drove me insane as I have assignments I cannot complete as I cant access all of the course, stupid right? I’ve spent half the day sending angry emails to anyone who will read them. Didn’t take me a lot to get riled. been a pretty angry person these last couple of weeks, no real reason for it, I just feel mad? I’m just going with it, makes a change from sad, worried and all the rest.

Today I changed my diets again and feel a bit happier but miserable, as soon as I start salads and that kind of healthy eating lark my body hates me. not even a joke. I can usually snack a couple of time sand be happy (not even on bad stuff, like fruit and those healthy cereal type bar tings) but today I introduce myself onto three set meals and health snacks and no joke IM STARVING! what in the brain does this! seriously considering hypnotherapy to get rid of the craving so I’ve decided to diet without the diet…sounds odd I know, I will have no sugar, butter ect which I can deal with actually but when it comes to chocolate and cake I am allowed but not to go bat crap crazy on. Within reason shall we say. I have a calorie counter on my phone which scares me because I fear numbers (its a me thing) and I will be deleting it before midnight tonight. As part off this ‘diet’  I am walking 10,000 steps or more a day which helps, I burn off an average 600+ calories which is good in my eyes, will be better when return to the gym next week though. Oh and I must tell you about a new app I found….Plant Nanny. No I’m not crazy and it is relevant.

Plant Nanny is a ‘reminder app’ with a cute little extra. I am literally the worlds worse person for drinking water, I can happily get by on a cup of coffee a day, which is BAD! I downloaded the app filled in the details (weight, activity level) and it tells you how much water you should drink. As I am now an active person and bigger than average my water income is around 9-10 glasses a day…wait that isn’t all, as a little encouragement to drinking this water you have a plant. its adorable. each time you have a glass of water and check it off this little plant drinks and grows, seriously its so cute and its worked. I have (miraculously) drank 10 glasses of water.  only thing with that is I’m terrified to laugh, sneeze cough of anything too ‘jiggling’ as my tiny bladder will not cope with it all. You do pee for Britain but weirdly in all I feel a lot better, don’t feel so tired or sick or ‘run down’ and this is day one.  Not bad. its a free app, definitely worth a try.

A few other things now, I am getting a dog once I return from Lanzarote. I need one for work. Yes you read that correctly. I am getting a puppy for WORK. I am thinking ahead. as in my counselling course I really want to study AAT (animal assisted Therapy) and entwine it into my sessions with children and teens, animals make anyone feel better and I know this from experience. I need to train a PAT dog and turn them into a AAT dog, following specifications. If that doesn’t work out he/she will just be a new member to the family. I miss Tess so much still and walking alone really sucks. so I’m looking around now and will pick towards the time. Either a Labrador or a Border collie.

In social news….My friends are good, depends which one you want to know about… My BFF is awesome as ever, we had a fun day out I want to say the weekend before last…? we went to Lincoln and we took tiny Deadpool with us and it was hysterical taking pictures and toy shopping. I love her sooooooo much! I’ve seen Charmaine and the kids they’re okay, I’ve been banished by my’ Friend’ from years ago who has not only screwed me over but binned me AGAIN for no reason. I give up, if she cant give me reasons or anything she might as well leave me alone. I did feel hurt to begin with, I mean who wouldn’t but now I think her loss, She isn’t teaming with friends so if she wants to dump the one good friend she has that’s her choice, I wont be going back to her….sounds like a weird relationship right?  I still have a angry stalkers keeping an eye but they don’t bother me too much, if they start u’ll get rid, more people I can do without, but I’m listening to that saying, keep your friends close but your enemies closer. You maybe watching me, but I’m watching all of you.

Okay down to my issues. I have a find who I see a lot (not naming no names as they maybe reading this, we shall call them Bobbie) so Bobbie is a really nice person who would do anything for you but is now proving to be quite annoying sometimes. I enjoy bobbies company on the day I do see them and don’t get me wrong we have a laugh but the conversation is always the same thing, their pets always do the same thing, nothing is ever new. it grates on me when they try to copy me. okay its taken me YEARS to accept who I am and what I like and all this, Bobbie is taking away what makes me, Me and I don’t like it. Its okay when it comes to movies or books that’s normal but clothes, fads, and wants…no too far. Bobbie has started getting things I do, and I’m not sure Bobbie is even as big of fan as me. I’m not big headed enough to say I am NO.1 fan of so and so you cant out do me but DONT pretend to be something you are not. I hate it, I buy a dvd Bobbie buys the same DVD, I want collect these figures, Bobbie wants to. I want this album, Bobby buys that album, what drive me more insane though is when I have a broke week after paying all my bills on my house (Bobbie lives with their parents) We will go around town and Bobbie will pretty much buy all the things I said I liked in (out of habit more than anything) AHHHHHHHH infuriating.  the thing that is really ticking me off at the moment is related to a new ‘friend’ in my life.

Okay lets start this part properly. I have met someone. Which is HUGE for me. I have been single for 4 going on 5 years now as I keep getting screwed around and sometimes it too painful with he weight of losing a child always at the back of your mind, I’ve always been way too scared to get involved. This time is so different. firstly I started it. Not like me. I liked him from the start, its terrifying, but I do and well I was absolutely rubbish at hiding it. Secondly he gets it. all of it, seems with both screwed up individuals with a crappy passed. He likes me (well I think) He has a child which as first scared me something chronic as I’ve seen the good and the bad with ex’s and all that I don’t want that drama, but his on good terms with his ex and has his child on a regular bases. They are also the same age as Dexter so not too scarily old that I can be classed as the evil lady trying to steal their dad. I would never. I do not want to steal ANYONE or replace anyone either. so we’ll getting along well, I see him Wednesdays and Saturdays at the moment as that’s the only time we can both spare but it suits us. In comes Bobbie. Bobbie is well aware of this thing between us and STILL flirts with him. Steve (name changed again) does not like this, nor do I. Its weird. Bobbie will go see him alone while his working and tell him thinks Bobbie doesn’t even share with me…? Steve knows Bobbie likes him but when we both saw him on Saturday he made it well known he likes me. Bobbie was obviously displeased and has been ratty and off with me since. Not 100% off but just enough to notice. I’m not about Saturday (possibly) as its Dexter’s party, Bobbie is invited but hasn’t confirmed anything, I think its because Becky is going but to be honest Becky is my sister, bestie for life, as well as Dexters’ honouree auntie.  She has more right than Bobbie.

so anyways, if Bobbie doesn’t go to the party, will be hanging around Steve at work all day and I don’t like that thought. Nor does he. Why would you do that to your friends? I don’t know what to do about it just yet, I will have to think of something soon.

Anyways dear fusionist, I will be back blogging properly a lot more now, I will keep up with the other blog things too, but I’m not forcing it. To all those who made it here, enjoy the cookie!

All the best my friends

Love MJ xx







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Fusion Fiction: Orbiting Jupiter


This isn’t the longest book review but the book itself wasn’t very long at all, and I don’t want to say too much and ruin the story, if you like the sound of it, seriously READ IT! you wont regret it😀

Saddest book I have read so far, this year…. Not the longest novel in the world but beautifully written, and tragic. Just *cry*

Fourteen-year-old Joseph is one of those kids that parents don’t want their kids hanging around with, his bad news, his trouble. Joseph has a bad reputation which follows him from place to place and always turns up like a bad penny. He is the foster kid that tried to kill his teacher, and at fourteen he is a father.

This book hooked me from page one. Told in the view of twelve-year-old jack as Joseph enters their lives. Through Jack we learn a lot about everything Joseph has been through and how he got to be with them and about his daughter named Jupiter. This story is powerful and about second chances. Its honest and full of love and goodness. 

I wasn’t expecting Orbiting Jupiter to be like this, it’s so heart-breaking but reinsuring at the same time. Its thought provoking and will make you smile and weep and feel what the characters do.  Absolutely blown away with it.


5 out 5

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Fad Friday! DEADPOOL


Dear Fusionists!

Anyone who has followed this blog for a long time will know I weekly change my interests and obsessions. This week is DEADPOOL!

Ah deadpool. My favourite anti hero in the world. Since I watched the movie earlier this year I have been a fan but recently more and more of one. I have been deadpool crazy all week because of my friend who sold me a deadpool plushie. Omg his amazing! Now his our mascot and comes everywhere with me.

Deadpool ah I love him! Waiting for he dvd have the lego mini figures, key rings and even looming to get the hoodie! I won’t lie I’ve never read a comic but I will.

Just a quick post, sorry but will be back on Sunday for the weekly round up.
Take care guys

Love MJ xx

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Fusion Film-Capatin America civil War

cw*contains some movie spoilers*

I have in to recently never been a big superhero fan,. this was to Iron man came into my life and since then I have LOVED marvel and all of its creations. The first Avengers movie amazed me and the idea of all those movie character joining up to become one was new and  WOW. And with Marvel releasing new movies regularly how could I not go and see civil war. I must say though Deadpool is my favourite movie of 2016 so far, but this is a very close second with ‘Disney the jungle book.’

First point to be made, YOU MUST HAVE SEEN THE SECOND CAPTAIN AMERICA FOR THIS MOVIE TO MAKE SENSE! and possibly the second Avengers movie, these are a series of movies which s best watched in order….so anyways back to the movie….

Tony Stark AKA Iron man and Steve aka Captain America are locking horns in this ultimate showdown between what is right and wrong. This movie does literally have it all, so much action, side plots, explosions, superhero’s (duh) romance, and twists at every turn. I was hooked and what’s more I LOVED THE SURPRISE! lets put it this way it should have been the avengers 3!  We met the newest ‘superhero’ Black Panther who has confirmed to be having his own movie in the future, and I loved him, I wont lie at first I didn’t think it was cat women turning up for the wrong movie but when I found out who he was I was like WOW! there was also characters who I was expecting in the movie, like Ant-man, Hawkeye and Spiderman. the fight between the Avengers was so cool, with humour from the newest ‘fan boying’ at their favorited Avengers.

This movie is a must for marvel fans, the story itself can not to be missed and those battle scene *sobs with joy* I wish it never ended! it also leads well onto the next movie! the overall story as a heavy message and I can see where the ‘villain’ was coming from and why he felt as strongly as he did towards the ‘hero’s’

A must see for any marvel fan!

4 out of 5!










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Fusion Fiction- Infinite sky


Infinite Sky by C.J Flood

*may contain some spoilers*

I don’t know how to feel about this book now I’ve finished it. I don’t know how oi feel about the ending, or the way the story drifted so far from where I thought it was going. I certainly wasn’t the story I was expecting its actually a real powerful book full of ‘feels’ and thought provoking challenges.

It begins with Ivy, our lead and her family, her father and older brother  just managing to get by with daily life after Ivy’s mum left them to travel the world. Ivy describes the before and after, and the affect her mothers actions have had on her and her family especially her older brother who seems to have turned against everything he was and becoming someone he clearly isn’t. its the day the gypsy travellers come and camp in their farm paddock.

*On a side note I don’t really like the word ‘Gypsy’ I think its a stereotyping name for a group of people and like some other word shouldn’t be used to describe another human, from here on I will refer to trick and his family as travellers.*

Ivy’s dad isn’t happy with the travellers camping on his land, he insists they’ll be trouble and that they must leave, and approaches them serval times to leave. ivy on the other hand is fascinated. she begins watching them from her fathers bedroom in till she becomes brave enough to get closer. This is when she meets trick and the story turns into a kind of Romeo and Juliet styled story.

Ivy and Tricks relationship is ted through out the novel, Ivy’s loyalty to her family as well as to her friends is tested and Ivy must find herself what she wants and who to trust. Along side this her brothers change in character is spiralling out of control.

This book makes you reflect on stereotypes. how still today people stereotypes other cultures that are different from our own example would be living in the country side we do get Irish travellers camping around here and all you hear from locals is ‘they’re trouble’ and ‘theives’.one person is not the same as many. This book is good at telling how things like this can ‘ruin’ lives and endanger innocent people through rumours.

Infinite sky is any eye opening read, Its Visual, and full to the brim with feelings that you will expirence along with Ivy. Its not the love story you expect with a shocking and twist ending.

4 out of 5


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Fusion Films- “The Jungle Book”


Wow! I cannot…wow. I have about 20 minutes ago stepped out the cinema after watching Disneys new “The Jungle Book” and just wow. When anyone says to me that there is going to be a remake of a classic Disney movie I’m not interested. In my mind how can you make something great, Greater?

Well Disney has smashed it. I am speechless. The retelling was like the classic we all know and love brought and told in a new exciting way. For a movie I have watched and know inside out upside down every which way I was hooked on the edge of my seat praying Mowgli didn’t meet with Shere Khan, I was horrified at the life like snake as they give me the jitters but it all worked. Shere Khan was no longer the almost cute cartoon tiger that dislikes humans,he was the real huge man eating tiger who HATE all man and will literally do anything to kill Mowgli. The tention built in some scenes were at times were unbearable and you didn’t want to lok but you  ant tear your sight away.

The voice cast were epic, Scarlett Johansson as Kaa also blew my mind. If you stay to the credits she actually sings the “trust in me” song and it’s awesome. Bill Murray I think was born to be Baloo the bear. It’s was fantastic. The jungle book for me has only got better. My favourite was Bagheera but I loved extra characters added like Grey the wolf cub.

I think younger children may be a bit scared as it is dark in some places with mild violence but the realistic features of the talking animals in pure magic. A definite for any Dianey lovers old and young.

I am totally off to see this again and urge everyone to see it! Was not disappointed.

Well done Disney!

💖 💖 💖 💖 💖 5 out of 5!!

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Fusion Fiction: Don’t lie to me Robbie Wilkins


I came across this book whilst working. I was sorting out the YA section of the library when this fell out and caught my eye. Instantly I was reminded of books like The Princess Diaries and The diary of a Chav book series. So in had to read it. I’ve always loved books that are in a diary format, I love journaling and find it more of a personal read as you’re getting all the inner thought and feelings.

This book is voiced through the diary of 17 year old Remy as she tries to pull a footballer and become a true WAG but not all is what it seems with Robbie. Does he really care about Remy or is he using her? Is Robbie cheating on her?

This kind of thing to be honest isn’t my thing but I found it a really interesting with then “under tone” story lines like her sister Malibu and her relationships, her parents arguing and the everyday working and socail life. It tackles small issues that most young adults face. About appearance, weight, fashion and sexuality, career choices and different kinds of relationships.

I wasn’t keen on the WAG storyline which is the main theme through out the book as I felt in the beginning Remy was so naive and could have done better. I felt she was blind to Robbie and his sweet talk. I suppose this is what Michelle Gayle wanted as we feel Remy mature through the book and come to realise what she truly wants. I  love that Remy had ambition. All the way through the novel you can feel Remys passion to achieve something and it’s inspiring. I loved that Remy worked at it despite others opinions.and the situation she found herself in. I think it’s a good message to send out to young people.

You can do anything if you put your mind to it.

I would recommend this book to people who enjoy diary type novels. I would say it’s a young adult book due to the language and themes in it but definitely worth the read! Its full of twists that keep you hooked to the end. I’m looking forward to reading the sequel soon!

💜 💜 💜 ❤ ❤ 3 out of 5 Hearts.

Next week I will be reviewing Stephanie Meyers gender bent version of Twilight.
Life and Death

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