Fusion Films- “The Jungle Book”


Wow! I cannot…wow. I have about 20 minutes ago stepped out the cinema after watching Disneys new “The Jungle Book” and just wow. When anyone says to me that there is going to be a remake of a classic Disney movie I’m not interested. In my mind how can you make something great, Greater?

Well Disney has smashed it. I am speechless. The retelling was like the classic we all know and love brought and told in a new exciting way. For a movie I have watched and know inside out upside down every which way I was hooked on the edge of my seat praying Mowgli didn’t meet with Shere Khan, I was horrified at the life like snake as they give me the jitters but it all worked. Shere Khan was no longer the almost cute cartoon tiger that dislikes humans,he was the real huge man eating tiger who HATE all man and will literally do anything to kill Mowgli. The tention built in some scenes were at times were unbearable and you didn’t want to lok but you  ant tear your sight away.

The voice cast were epic, Scarlett Johansson as Kaa also blew my mind. If you stay to the credits she actually sings the “trust in me” song and it’s awesome. Bill Murray I think was born to be Baloo the bear. It’s was fantastic. The jungle book for me has only got better. My favourite was Bagheera but I loved extra characters added like Grey the wolf cub.

I think younger children may be a bit scared as it is dark in some places with mild violence but the realistic features of the talking animals in pure magic. A definite for any Dianey lovers old and young.

I am totally off to see this again and urge everyone to see it! Was not disappointed.

Well done Disney!

💖 💖 💖 💖 💖 5 out of 5!!

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Fusion Fiction: Don’t lie to me Robbie Wilkins


I came across this book whilst working. I was sorting out the YA section of the library when this fell out and caught my eye. Instantly I was reminded of books like The Princess Diaries and The diary of a Chav book series. So in had to read it. I’ve always loved books that are in a diary format, I love journaling and find it more of a personal read as you’re getting all the inner thought and feelings.

This book is voiced through the diary of 17 year old Remy as she tries to pull a footballer and become a true WAG but not all is what it seems with Robbie. Does he really care about Remy or is he using her? Is Robbie cheating on her?

This kind of thing to be honest isn’t my thing but I found it a really interesting with then “under tone” story lines like her sister Malibu and her relationships, her parents arguing and the everyday working and socail life. It tackles small issues that most young adults face. About appearance, weight, fashion and sexuality, career choices and different kinds of relationships.

I wasn’t keen on the WAG storyline which is the main theme through out the book as I felt in the beginning Remy was so naive and could have done better. I felt she was blind to Robbie and his sweet talk. I suppose this is what Michelle Gayle wanted as we feel Remy mature through the book and come to realise what she truly wants. I  love that Remy had ambition. All the way through the novel you can feel Remys passion to achieve something and it’s inspiring. I loved that Remy worked at it despite others opinions.and the situation she found herself in. I think it’s a good message to send out to young people.

You can do anything if you put your mind to it.

I would recommend this book to people who enjoy diary type novels. I would say it’s a young adult book due to the language and themes in it but definitely worth the read! Its full of twists that keep you hooked to the end. I’m looking forward to reading the sequel soon!

💜 💜 💜 ❤ ❤ 3 out of 5 Hearts.

Next week I will be reviewing Stephanie Meyers gender bent version of Twilight.
Life and Death

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The future of Fusion!

Dear Fusionists!

It’s been over a month and we’re quickly approaching Fusions 2nd anniversary. Wow I can’t believe I’ve been writing this blog for two years. Thank you everyone who has followed all my rants and random ideas. I feel now Fusion need revamping meaning a bit less all over and a bit more organised so I’ve come up with a plan that I’m going to start from tomorrow. (Monday 18th April 2016). Tomorrow I will me organising previous posts in to categories for easier reading on specific subjects and then I will introduce a few nest things I’ve wanted to do throughout writing Fusion.

Fusion Fiction (book reviews)
I love reading. It’s taken me such a long time to enjoy books again and now I do I am flying through books like no tomorrow. weekly I will be reviewing a book I have read the week before. (I have one lined up for tomorrow) working in a library I do come across very underrated books and will hopefully shine a light on these.

Fusion films
I don’t watch a lot of TV. Go live or take a couple of programmes now and again but I am a huge movie fan. I have “aquired” my mother’s meerkat movie code and will hopefully be going to the cinema a bit more. I will share.my movie reviews with you guys. (This week is going to be a gooden!  I can hardly wait!)

Tsum Tsum Thursday
That sounds odd doesn’t it? Every week I will share with you my tsum tsum collection, new releases and any leaks of new releases I find. If you’re a collector too you may like this.

Healthy lifestyle blog (monthly)
I haven’t come up with a better name fore this yet. As you know I am a bit of a foodie and am on a mission for a healthy lifestyle which includes all the naughty stuff. Once a month I will bring you my blog of what I’ve been up to to achieve this. 😂

Career cracker (monthly)
I really enjoy sharing my career journey with you guys. There’s something about planning for the future and sharing this with others that feels inspiring. Now I’m back on the student path I would like to write a out my study experience in a new blog.

Fusion Furries (monthly)
Well this one I’m looking forward to the most. It’s amusing to me how many people have contacted me asking how the pets are doing. As many of my regular readers know I have three cats Elmo, Bandit and Blue, a dog (my mums dog actually) Sandi and two guinea pigs ziggy and Jareth. So to put my readers minds at ease I have given them their own spot on the blog. Privileged much!

Fusion Fads (monthly)
My regular readers will know I am a bit of a lunatic and come easily obsessed  to one thing at a time. (Ie. Cats, then game of thrones, then cupcakes, then Zootropolis then dogs…) for a bit of fun I will share with you my fads throughout the month. It’s a weird thing I’ve always done. It can change daily…

Weekly Round up!
My usual blog to you guys..how the weeks gone and any other strange thing I wish to rant about haha.

Hope you guys like the look of the up coming blog. I’m reopening the Facebook page soon and will have a link on the page. (Will go hand in hand with whatever I’m posting on the blog)

Once again thank you to my readers for putting up with me for two years. If I could send you all a medal I would. If any one has any suggestions for the blog and movies or books they would like to suggest please feel free to contact me via email or comment below.

So excited about this new look fusion! Hope you are too.
Lots of love
MJ xx

Fusion email address is… mjsfusionblog@gmail.com

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One month later…A bit of a moan and rant

Dear Fusionists,

As if it’s been a month. Wow. I still don’t have a laptop, should hopefully be getting one this month, hopefully but will have to see as had a stressful time with finances. Well not too bad but enough to put a few things on standby. God I really wonder what I’m doing. 99.9% of the time I haven’t got a clue. I’m still classed as sick. My anxiety and depression reports are still too high for me to be allowed to return to work and when they mention it to me it brings on a massive panic attack and we’ll that’s not good. It’s not that I don’t want to work. I volunteer a few days a week but it’s something I love and I don’t see it as work. I don’t know what’s up with me. I is working but the thought of it makes me so worried I can’t breathe and that’s what we need to work on. It’s going ro be a really long time though.😦

I feel like I’m broken and need something to make me better in all ways but I don’t know what. I’ve spent alot of time recently just having me time. Watching movies and reading books (Warriors by Erin Hunter) and not hardly leaving the house. Boring huh? I know. Just tired of feeling like this all the time..I’m sick of the headaches and the sickness every couple of hours, im sick of the tablets I’m on and the affects they have, I sleep I don’t sleep I eat like a horse I dint eat at all I feel sick I am sick I feel pain I feel numb. It’s a continuous circuit of flaws and I don’t know how I’m coping…well I’m not am I really.

My mum’s been great, she’s helped so much I don’tknow what I’d do without her. She’s trying hard to make me feel better. I know a couple of things I’m definitely doing this year and the next and it gives me hope and something to look foward to.

1. I’m getting a dog. I miss Tess so much. I miss her company, I miss going out, I miss the bond. I miss her. I think this year i will be getting a puppy. Mum has agreed it’s something that will does good. I’ve decided on a border collie. I’ve done a lot of research and they seem the perfect dog plus tess was part collie and the connection with the breed were strong. I’d love one around the house. Good with kids and other animals. Intelligent, I so want to do agility training and possibly flyball. 

2. My first ever holiday abroad. mother and i want a holiday together. We don’t care where we just want one. Next year we’re going. Mum mentioned Disney but im really not bothered..2 weeks away with my mum anywhere in the world will be awesome. Be the first time we’ve been on holiday together (without my brother). Exciting stuff.

I have also started preparations for some thing huge. I can’t go into much detail yet but I will closer to the time. I hope to blog about it and what it’s about. I’ve been going to the gym alot more even though these tablets make you gain like crazy. I liked the old tablets I lost alot of weight on them. I haven’t lost anything but I haven’t gained since going back keeping a.nice balance will be up in the game soon to start losing again..I need to be in good health and having a “MOT” and get some blood work done . I’m a rare blood group and there’s literally only 7% of people who have my blood group and it can cause issues so I need to see if it’s going to be a problem or if I need to have injections ect. Watch this space!

I’ve not really seen anyone recently. I know my friends have alot going on with kids, relationships, work and all that I’m just me sat on the outside with my colouring book looking in. To be honest I’m not bothered. I feel so antisocial right now I’m quite happy not to see anyone for the rest of the year. That sounds awful but I just don’t want to make the effort anymore. People know where I live how about they come see me for a change? I love my friends but I can’t stand one sided friendships and only message when there is no one else. I don’t want to talk or hang out I want to be on my own in my house watching the world go by, dealing with my crap without anyone else adding to it..I have so many worries. Anxiety is the worst. You know what? It’s that bad I can’t eat bananas anymore because I’m worried I’m going to get bitten by a tropical spider and die like I’ve seen o  the news…who thinks like that. I’m worried about my bed and the way it looks sometimes,I worry it’s unsafe and should I sleep on  the floor. How daft can you get?! I make myself so mad. It’s best to be alone when you think you’re going nuts.

Ugh the sickness is back, damn acid!!!! I’m going ro have to go..speak soon
Take care

Love MJ xxx

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“I only drink coffee the days that end with “Y”

Dear Fusionists!

Let me begin this post with an apology. I am sorry I have posted for a while, there are alot of reasons why I haven’t and I will get into those in a second, one of them being I am typing this out on my phone! Yet I said farewell to my laptop after it dropped dead on me three weeks ago….yeah convenient as ever…

This year is going Okkkkk I guess, had a few moments of give up, f*** life and what’s the point but as fast as it comes it goes again. I have a plan this year which again I cannot share in till the time is ready. I know a few of my friends read this and I’m not wanting to say it out loud as.i know I will get a string of people trying to talk me out of it and tbh I’m not going to. Give it a month and I maybe share:)

I’m at home today preparing to get  back to university. My MRI came back clear! No tumour, no bleeding brain or fluid, all the biggest worries ticked off. I can’t lie and say I’m not relived as I am. I couldn’t feel more at ease if I tired. Could still be something but nothing crazy scary like cancer. I celebrated this news by having a rainbow of colours put in my hair, and last night the Bestie and I went to see Deadpool. What a movie! If you’ve not seen it go. It’s hilarious, I think Deadpool is becoming my favourite “superhero” movie was awesome.

Also in the time we last spoke I have two new furry residents. I have rescued two new guinea pigs! They’re cute, both boys which I’ve named Ziggy and Jareth after the one and only David Bowie (my two favourite characters of his). It took a while for me and piggys to bond as Ziggy bit me and I had to go to A&E. Wasn’t fun had to have finger glued as he got it good.  It’s left a smile scar but it’s ok, I put it down to fear, I scared him and he definitely scared me! We’ve kissed and made up. His a rebel after all!

What else has been happening? My mother has booked a holiday for us next year.so cannot wait, I’ve never been on holiday with my mum, just us and we both really need one, I just Nedd to to get away from here for a bit, the house and the people and things, sometimes things get a bit overwhelming and I don’t cope well and then it ends up with arguments and falling out with people I do care about. I can’t help it.  I guess it’s an anxiety thing. Still looking forward to going back to university and work at the library.

I don’t think I have much more to tell you. I need to update alot of stuff on here but when I can actually get to a computer or resurrect my laptop from its deathly slumber,im going to be vlogging soon which will be a new and exciting.

A ways thanks for reading guys hope you all have a great valentines day whatever it is you’re doing. Take care

Love MJ xx


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Dear fusionists,

I have decided Sundays are the best blogging days. Every Friday evening I now spend with my minions (the nephew and niece) who are growing up so fast its scary! So have moved weekly blogging to Sundays.

This week has been quite un eventful really. ( as far as I know) I cannot remember much of it. (I wish it was an intoxicated forgetfulness too, at least it would be a bit more exciting than this Dory from finding Nemo one!) I’ve spent a lot of time with the Minions as I mentioned, they are growing up fast. Dexter now speaks so well and has already moved passed the nickname of ‘Maroo’ and is calling me ‘Marie’ which saddens me so I have to be the bad auntie to stand there and confuse the poor child and argue, ‘No its Maroo, Maroo, Not Marie!’ where all this time we’ve been teaching him vice versa.

Baby Voldemolt, Now officially been sorted into Gryffindor (so no longer Voldemolt) Ariana is 2 whole months old! WHERE HAS THAT GONE?! she is smiling at me and already trying to answer me back with a variety of grunts and squeaks a baby can understand, i pass them off as civilized conversation but I know she calling me names really by the way she looks at me. its all in the eyes, she not silly that one!

Unlike me, I attempted to put up a shelf this week, what an epic fail that was, don’t tell anyone, the only thing I managed to do was ring my brother to come do it and download a spirit level app onto his phone, but this shelf has a name and a unique purpose in the ‘White’ House and all my friends and work colleagues find this hilarious but in my head this is logical, so see it my way. My new shelf if named Dobby.

Dobby the House Shelf.

This is because…

A. I loose everything at the moment and a house shelf/elf would be very useful to keep all the loose-able items such as keys, purse, cards, remotes, etc. on and in one place, if I had a House elf, he/she could bring me these lost items with my undying gratitude.

B. I cant have a house elf, so a house shelf is the next best thing…so I have a house shelf and not a house elf.

so, what else has been happening, not much really, I wanted this to be a happy post as recently they seem to be slipping back into moaning and groaning ones and no one likes those really do they and its not what I’m about but I am fed up at the moment, I’m not sad, well I am (HOW COULD THEY CONSIDER A LABYRINTH REMAKE A WEEK AFTER DAVID BOWIE HAS DIED? HOW COULD THEY???) but I am just plain mad. I am sick of my ‘Friends’ Lying to me, I am sick of my ‘friends’ pretending to be interested in my life when lets be honest they couldn’t give a crap, if you are going to be a part time friend, GO AWAY I don’t have time for those kind of stuff, if I have said it once I have said it a thousand times! I really hate part time friends. I am not bending to anyone’s rules this year, I am not dropping my stuff to help anyone else and am not going out my way to help anyone when no one cant be bothered to help me. Selfish? yes. for the first time in my life I am going to be selfish. I want to be, I am allowed to be. I don’t want to go out, I don’t to go to see that movie, I don’t want to go there, I don’t want to go to your house, no means no.  Today has been one of those stupid days I’ve let someone get under my skin and it wound me up and made my head pound to the point I feel sick.


This isn’t how I want this post to end…..

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Dear Fusionists,

I’ve broken my ‘every Friday’ rule every Friday thus far. I think I will have to change the day. I can’t even remember if I set a day it’s been such emotionally challenging week. Not only the loss of my Goblin King and musical genius David Bowie but now the Legendary Actor Alan Rickman.

I was having lunch with my mum celebrating the end of my MRI scan when the news popped up on my phone. My joy quickly evaporated into heartbreak all over again. Professor Snape. As a die hard potter fan felt the instant loss of a great. I loved alot of Alans work. I loved him in sweeny Todd and as the caterpillar in Alice in wonderland and of course his role in love actually. So many roles. I admit so many I haven’t seen but now I will be so happy to experience.

This week hasn’t really been about me. It has been challenging. It was my MRI. It was the most terrifying thing I have ever done and experienced in my life.amd I think waiting for these results is going to make the whole thing worse. The pain has been awful has week. The grief has been worse. But growing up and releasing this is going to happen more and more is the worst part of it. Two of my favourite artists have already left this world. Not leaving many left behind. I will carry their memories with me wherever I go and watch and listen to the legacies they have left behind. But right now I am going to do what humans are allowed to do. Grieve.

I’m wearing my Harry Potter Tshirt Expecto Patronum. My Gyffindor Hat, (sorry Slytherin) headphones in listening to “Blackstar” thinking of a happier future when a cure for cancer is a possible thing.

Rest in peace Alan Rickman xx


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