Not enough time…..

Sorry but this is going to be another short post. I’ve spent the day with literature.  Yes literally. I’ve spent nearly all day writing my book with my half broken laptop playing a random selection of movies and tv shows, none I watched I just like the noise.

I feel more tired now than I have in a long time. Even when I worked 12 hour night shifts I didn’t feel this tired.  Creative thinking drain energy?  I haven’t a clue. But I am getting addicted to this life syle or reading and writing all day long. Today I started re reading a book collection I enjoyed when I was a teen. CHERUB by Robert muchamore. Considering I started an hour ago im already 100 pages in and getting ideas for my own..I often now read with a notebook. 

I’ve now written twelve chapters of my book and excited to start the next.  The thing is writing is time consuming and very addictuve and I admit I have neglected my household duties for it and have a mountain of stuff to do. Monday I start my new job so im going to have to work out a writing slot and reading slot.

Its going to get worse when I start college again soon. Maybe is a good time to practice time management? I wish this was my job!


About MJ

Hey all, I'm MJ, I started this blog 3 years ago to find out who I wanted to be and who I am as I felt I lost my way along the lines. Now I have a pretty good Idea, I just enjoy sharing my stories and my random adventures that I seem to fall into! I am a long term sufferer of anxiety and depression but that doesn't stop me being me! I am a through and through nerd with a love of zombies, lego and all things Disney. I am a crazy cat lady, huge animal lover and a noob gamer. Also a firm believer that kawaii donuts will rule this earth! Have a great 2017 guys! Fusion fans are the best!! Love you guys!! xx
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